Skeena Salmon Program

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photo by Paul Colangelo


 illustration by Aimée van DrimmelenThese projects aim to build and share foundational technical information that will help to implement Strategy 1 of the Wild Salmon Policy. Strategy 1 consists of three Action Steps:

  1. Identify Conservation Units (CUs)
  2. Develop criteria to assess CUs and identify benchmarks
  3. Monitor and assess the status of each CU

Our status assessment projects are listed below.

Conservation Unit Snapshots

'Conservation Unit (CU) Snapshots' are short graphical reports that summarize key information about the state of each of the Skeena Watershed's unique salmon populations, as well as their habitat.

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Exploring Possible Status Benchmarks for Skeena Salmon

This project develops some possible benchmarks options for evaluating the status of Skeena salmon and performs a preliminary status assessment for each Skeena Conservation Unit.

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Core Data for Conservation Unit Status Assessment

This project updates the core datasets, database systems and analytical tools for Skeena salmon to enable tracking of status and trends by Conservation Unit, and extends the datasets backwards to the 1950's.

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Skeena Sockeye In-River Run Reconstruction Model

This project compiles all available data on in-river harvest, escapement, run timing and migration rates to derive estimates of the abundance and in-river harvest rates for each Skeena sockeye Conservation Unit.

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Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility

Since 2003, the Kitwanga Salmon Enumeration Fence has provided a valuable tool for monitoring sockeye escapement to the Kitwanga River while at the same time providing valuable information on chinook, pink, chum and coho escapement.

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Kitwanga River Smolt Enumeration Facility

The operation of the Kitwanga River Smolt Enumeration Facility plays a critical role in allowing Gitanyow Fisheries Authority to monitor Kitwanga sockeye smolt production from Gitanyow Lake on a yearly basis.

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Tyee Test Fishery Extension

Information collected by this major Skeena River test fishery is used each season to estimate escapement levels, stock composition, and run timing of Skeena salmon and steelhead stocks. This project funds the test fishery to operate for a few weeks beyond its traditional end date in order to obtain data on late-migrating steelhead.

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Steelhead Enumeration at Moricetown Canyon Using Mark-Recapture

The Moricetown program has operated annually since 1999 to generate abundance estimates for steelhead migrating past the Moricetown Canyon falls.

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